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What You Should Know About In-floor Pool Cleaning

Asides from keeping a large pool clean with minimal effort, there are several reasons why you will prefer in-floor cleaning. First, they have great features like the grotto, slides, scupper waterfalls, water jets, and an upgraded choice compared to the older pool styles.

The best part is that in-floor pools help you save time and prevent future frustration. In this blog, we will share a few things you should know about Jacksonville Landscape Design.

What Is in-floor Cleaning?

This design of landscaping in Jacksonville FL is designed to remove the debris around the drain of your pool. It is also made with several pop up heads of golf robes debris from your pool that goes into the drain just as the sprinkler heads pop up in your yard.

These cleaning heads also function in different zones, just like a yard sprinkler. These zones then shift the debris close to the drain so it can be sucked out of the pool and taken to the large basket that helps to capture it.

Benefits of Using These in-floor Cleaning Systems

As soon as you turn off an in-floor cleaning system, it retracts the head and flushes it with the pool surface. This eliminates any visible object from obstructing your pool while you enjoy it. Moreover, people prefer to have simple retractable cleaning heads than to get tangled in houses that connect robot cleaners.

Another reason you will prefer this cleaning system can easily be identified during winter months as you use your pool heater. This makes it easy to distribute the heater water at the bottom of your pool evenly. This not only ensures that your pool is comfortable but also reduces the cost of hearing due to the increase in the circulation of water.

Disadvantages of in-floor Cleaning

One major drawback of an in-floor cleaning system is that it is expensive. This is because the initial cost of building your pool will always be higher, so it can accommodate the cost of installation and cleaning heads. However, this cost usually balances out over the course of the lifetime of your pool.


The best part of this ROI is that its cleaning heads create a lifetime warranty, so you will hardly find a reason to replace them. So instead of buying a new cleaning “robot” in a couple of years as most pool owners end up doing, you can get these Jacksonville Landscape Design.

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