Residential pool services in Jacksonville Fl

Pool Services Offered by a Landscape Design and Installation Company

Invigorate your outdoor space with a pool and turn it into an oasis of peace and elegance. From large swimming pools to smaller hot tubs, having a pool installed is one of the many services offered by a landscape design and installation company. With their expertise, you can create an atmosphere that reflects all your dreams and desires!

Not only will adding a pool add aesthetic value, but it also provides endless fun for all ages. To escape from the summer heat or enjoy quality time with family and friends, having a pool is sure to provide hours of entertainment! Pool installation is just one of the many services a landscape design and installation company offers.

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Design and Installation

A landscape design and installation company can help you create an outdoor space that is both incredibly functional and visually appealing. From large swimming pools to intricate water features, the possibilities are endless for pool design! Pool installation services typically include excavation, plumbing, electrical work, lining, backfill, tiling, decking, and coping.

A company that offers outdoor landscape lighting near you can provide the best lighting to enhance the overall look and feel. After all the hard labor and long hours, you can make your pool unique with stunning lighting effects, cascading waterfalls, and other decorative accessories.

Maintenance and Repair

Even if you take special care of your pool, eventually, it will need servicing or repair. Residential pool services in Jacksonville Fl can handle all types of pool maintenance, including water testing, cleaning of the pool and filters, and balancing the pool chemistry. They can also help with emergency repairs such as filter issues, pump repairs, and broken pipes.

Accessories and Products

From robotic cleaners to solar blankets, a landscape design and installation company can supply you with all kinds of pool accessories that will help keep your water sparkling clean! Other popular products include safety fences, decking, and outdoor landscape lighting near me. These products can help keep your pool looking its best and make it safer.

Filters and Cleaners

A reliable filter system is vital to keeping your pool clean and debris-free. The three main types of filters are

  • Sand filter – Sand filters provide a reliable line of defense against leaves, dirt, and other debris entering your pool. These specialized systems contain sand particles that are small enough to allow water through but large enough to trap almost anything else in their wake.
  • Cartridge filter – Cartridge filters are a highly effective filtration system, forcing water through a fine polyester cloth that traps dirt and other particles while allowing clean water to pass.
  • Diatomaceous (DE) filter – Comparable to sand filters, DE Filters employ a network of microscopic mesh that is covered with diatomaceous earth powder. This effectively captures any particles in the water as it passes through.

As for cleaners, many companies specialize in robotic pool cleaners, which can be programmed to clean your entire pool automatically.

Resurfacing and Re-lining

Pools worn down over the years can be restored to their original beauty with resurfacing and re-lining services. Our services include restoring your pool, such as sandblasting and tile replacement or a complete resurfacing with re-plastering. A landscape design and installation company can also offer professional advice on choosing a durable pool liner that will last for years.


A landscape design and installation company is the perfect place to start if you’re looking to upgrade your pool with modern features and accessories. There are countless ways to upgrade your pool, from pergolas and outdoor kitchens for entertaining guests to automated systems for controlling temperature or pH levels!

For all of your residential pool needs, a landscape design and installation company can provide the services you need. From initial planning to maintenance and repairs, they will ensure your pool is safe for everyone to enjoy.

With the help of a professional landscape design and installation company, you can transform your existing pool into the perfect outdoor oasis. Scapes in North Florida have the right expertise to help you. Contact us today to get started!

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