Paver Patio Design Tips for Elegant Outdoor Living in Jacksonville, FL

Your patio is one of the most adaptable outdoor spaces, allowing you to try out new ideas. Residents in Jacksonville are increasingly appreciating the luxury of elegant outdoor living, and average landscapers are running out of new project ideas.

An expert can design a world-class paver patio, but your input can help create outdoor spaces with which you truly connect. Here are some design tips to help you collaborate with an expert in designing your dream paver patio even if you don’t have any professional knowledge on how to install pavers, in Florida.

Explore Different Colors

Matching the colors of your paver patio to the design of your house is the norm, but unique designs require a little more effort. You’ll be surprised at how many colors can blend in with your home decor without becoming monotonous.

Colors that complement and contrast each other make the best combinations. Bright colors bring life to your patio, making it appear larger. However, you should not be limited to the colors of your home base. Many color palettes are available online to help you create the perfect color combination.

Experiment with Various Patterns

Patterns add interest to patios by demonstrating intent in the design and evoking a sense of professionalism. Patterns can be created by combining shapes, colors, textures, and materials. To break up the monotony, you can make spirals by arranging different colored bricks. You can also experiment with well-known patterns like pinwheel, diamond, random, herringbone, running bond, and basketweave.

Mix and Match Materials and Styles

Mixing paver materials, shapes, and sizes can add visual appeal to your patio. You can experiment with different textures by combining pavers and natural stones, which also results in material variation.

You can surround large pavers with smaller pavers or pavers that are unusually shaped, such as thin rectangles. Regardless of how you mix, make sure your pavers have a connecting factor that keeps your design consistent.

Include Border and Banding

Vertical features, such as the firepit and walls, can be highlighted by separating them with borders. Borders around the edges of your paver patio can provide a smooth transition to the surrounding landscape.

Single-row borders are simple and appealing, but you can experiment with up to three rows, each with a different size, color, or shape of paver. Installing bandings across your pavers patio adds aesthetic value and gives it a more cohesive appearance.

Now that you know what it takes to achieve a unique outlier outdoor living in Jacksonville FL, experiment with these tips and tricks to come up with an original idea. However, even though anyone can learn how to install pavers in Florida, you should hire a professional with enough experience to bring your vision to life.

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