LED Landscape Lighting

LED Landscape Lighting; What You Should Know

Since the introduction of LED technology, the landscape lighting industry has changed. With the traditional halogen systems becoming a thing of the past, people have switched to using LED. With LED landscape lighting in Florida, you can enjoy certain benefits, including durability and affordability. LED is the right choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting system that can last for several years.

Although LED lighting is more energy efficient, less hassle, and lasts longer than halogen, there are some unavoidable pitfalls and issues that may occur when you do not plan the LED system carefully. There are different components that should be considered and planned when you want to install your landscape lighting in Florida. We will discuss the following;

1. Be Selective with the Fixtures for Housing your LED Lamps

Not paying attention to the kind of fixture used to house your LED lamp will only lead to several problems along the way. This is because not all landscape lighting fixtures design has similar material and quality engineering. Choosing a fixture just because it is cheap at first will end up costing more in the future, especially when they are not replaced. Lightning fixtures made with aluminum and plastic materials are not only durable but also have materials that cost less than their competitors.

2. Combine the Right Lamp with the Right Fixture

In every landscape design in Jacksonville FL, it is important for you to combine the best lamps with the correct fixture. If a fixture does not allow you to adjust and change your lighting design, then it should be avoided. This is because fixed LED fixtures are the perfect design that prevents lighting design from being tailored to home and landscape. Fixed LED light refers to fixtures where the LED light is permanently built and can either be replaced or removed. The major downfall is that you cannot adjust these in-built LED lamps to fit different lighting situations.

3. If the Light Fails, you can Replace the Lamp

People using fixed LED landscape lighting fixtures often worry about replacing the lamp in situations where the light fails for some reason. This is why you should make inquiries and find out why a particular type of light is included in your design.


Now that you have an idea of landscape lighting in Florida, it’s time to install one for your landscape design in Jacksonville FL.

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