Paver installation in Jacksonville, Florida


Having patios in your home can be refreshing. Patios are adjourning facilities in your home where you can sit and enjoy the landscaping Jacksonville FL.

If you want to install pavers in your home, the best way to get the best at the job is by simply searching for Jacksonville paver installation. Paver installation in Florida can be a bit expensive. Getting the best paver installation in Jacksonville, Florida, is important to the construction of your patio.

If you are the type that enjoys creating time to do some handwork and you are interested in making your patio by yourself, then you should read this article carefully.

Paver Patio Installation

Installing patios might be easy; however, if you want to install a paver patio, you will need to know what you are doing. The steps involved in the installation paver patio are as follows;

Draw out your plan: When installing a paver patio, it is necessary to draw out the plan of your existing landscape to plan your paver patio better. Drawing out your plan draws you closer to the end from the beginning, as you can start thinking about the size and pattern of the paver you need.

Size: Before venturing into the paver patio’s design, outline the space you want the patio to cover.

Know the numbers: This means you should be familiar with the number of pavers you need. And this can only be achieved by calculating the area the patio will cover and the pavers’ size. This gives you a rough estimate of the total number of pavers you will need.

Lay foundation: after drawing out your plan and getting an idea of the number of pavers you need, you can start laying the foundations for your pavers. To lay the foundation, stake the edges of the planned area, then run a mason line between your stakes to identify the area to be excavated.

Cover the Ground: After laying your foundation and outlining your planned area, you can start covering the ground with your pavers. Make sure that the pavers are tight against each other. Starting at the edge where the pattern is least flexible is advisable.


Paver patios are very beautiful when properly installed. An amazing thing about patio installation is that it can be done without involving construction professionals as long as you get the right measurements and have the right materials.

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