Driveway Pavers Near Me – How Do Pavers Select Driveway Bricks?

Bricks, like any other product, have varying quality standards, each with a specific application. ASTM International classifies bricks based on their resistance to abrasion and freezing, as well as the installation method that best suits them. Landscapers use this information to determine which bricks are appropriate for driveways, walkways, home compounds, and high-traffic areas. Landscaping in Jacksonville FL is a mature industry with diverse talent that caters to every client type. If you’re planning on installing or maintaining a driveway, this information can help you make more accurate cost estimates.

Classification of Bricks

Bricks are divided into two major classes: light traffic and heavy traffic, each with several sub-classifications based on environmental factors such as weather and abrasion resistance. They differ as follows:

Bricks for Light Traffic

Light traffic bricks are placed in areas where pedestrians and small vehicles travel. Light traffic bricks are further distinguished by the weather and the amount of traffic they are expected to withstand.

Weather Conditions

  • SX: These are the bricks that can freeze when exposed to water.
  • MX: This type of brick is appropriate for exteriors because they do not freeze.
  • NX: NX-classified bricks are best suited for interior applications away from freezing temperatures.

Resistance to Abrasion

  • Type I: Suitable for public use in areas prone to abrasions, such as driveways and sidewalks.
  • Type II: These materials have an intermediate abrasion resistance and are best suited for residential walkways and driveways.
  • Type III: These have the lowest abrasion resistance and can be used in family homes, floors, and patios.

Bricks for High Traffic

All heavy traffic bricks are made to withstand abrasion and harsh weather conditions. They are designed for high vehicle traffic but differ in installation methods as follows:

  • Type R: Intended for planting on mortar with a strong concrete or asphalt base.
  • Type F: Designed to be layered with a strong base on a sand base. Sand can also be used to fill in the gaps.

Application / Usage

Depending on their intended use, both light-traffic and heavy-traffic pavers can be classified as one of the following:

  • PS: These are all-purpose pavers.
  • PX: PX bricks are appropriate where dimensional variation is not an issue.
  • PA: PA bricks are used to create architectural effects that require variation in size, color, and texture.

Despite having the mildest winters in the continental United States, landscaping in Jacksonville FL requires the same level of attention to detail as any other US state. With the information provided above, it is simple to predict which bricks your contractor will most likely recommend. However, classification information is frequently not included in the catalog; you can obtain it from a supplier or with the assistance of a Driveway Pavers Near Me.

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